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Add Campaign for MIDO Eye ware Milano


Launched last July, the 2017 campaign embraces #livethewonder, a combination of art, architecture, tradition and modernity, just like Made in Italy. We discussed it with the author, Paolo Licci – Creative Director of the MIDO campaign.

What inspired the new campaign?
Undoubtedly MIDO is the sector’s most important and most international appointment and it is not by chance that it is held in Italy, the cradle of beauty and the ideal setting for the world to present itself at its best. So the photos are linked to the concept of being Italian, of totally Italian “great beauty”, and focus on the combination of two important elements: light and architecture, which also have an impact on eyewear.

In what way?
Light is fundamental because all forms of art and architecture start with a point of light and it’s the same with eyewear.
The second element, architecture, and especially twentieth century architecture, is the inspiration behind many of today’s buildings and it is also a world that many eyewear designers draw on. Through the campaign we wanted to celebrate it and transform it into evocative images.

Is there a leitmotiv with the two previous campaigns?
Yes, the new campaign is a development of the one made two years ago. In the new shots, we have touched on surreal rather than realistic themes: the background of the first campaign was composed of solid images; here we have taken them to abstract levels.

How much is it influenced by art?
The entire campaign is linked to art: we wanted to evoke De Chirico through the spatial geometries and light that are typical of his works.

Can you tell us about the three shots?
First of all, I can tell you that it won’t just be three; a fourth one will be appearing soon.
The protagonist of the first shot is a woman “wrapped” in a flower. The source of inspiration was Surrealism and we wanted to interpret this movement’s concept of beauty by portraying a flower. The eyewear is transformed into a sculpture, an environment.
In the second, the geometric shapes of the background form an armchair by a famous designer of the Fifties. The lines are timeless and still fashionable even after all these years. We wanted to include an allegory: the girl constructs the eyewear from a part of the chair itself.
The third image recalls the geometric shapes created by natural elements like the wind. That’s why we used a foulard blown by the wind to form an inverted triangle that becomes a sculpture.

Who is the female protagonist?
Lidia Comini, a young Italian model who is already internationally well-known and many observers believe that she is one of the emerging icons of Italian beauty.

Why did you choose her?
We looked for a girl who could personify the concept of being Italian and, primarily, integrate harmoniously with the mood of the campaign.

Apart from sector magazines, where will we see the campaign?
The images are definitely very suitable for social and digital media. The very latest MIDO website is the perfect showcase for this campaign, as are the event’s numerous social profiles that were so successful at the last edition, with followers that continue to grow exponentially. We restyled the website and we will be increasingly social!

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